Future Engagements

September 7th 2019: 12:00: Leathley

Wedding of Rachel Hannon and Paul Clayton.

Goodall: The Lord Is My Shepherd

September 22nd 2019: 10:00: Leathley

Benefice Service – Bishop of Leeds

Tye: O Come Ye Servants of The Lord

Harris: Holy Is The True Light

September 27th (Friday) 2019 18:30: Fewston

Harvest Festival 1

October 6th 2019 10:00: Leathley

Harvest Festival 2

Music for the Harvest Festivals to be selected from

  • Ray: Harvest Carol
  • Rutter: I Will Sing With The Spirit
  • Archer: Harvest Anthem

December 1st 2019 9:00: Farnley

Benefice Service

December 20th 2019 Blubberhouses or Fewston

Carol Service

December 22nd 2019 Leathley

Carol Service